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Precision You Can Depend On

You don’t have time, ingredients, or money to waste. That’s why you need a machine designed and built to handle the toughest ingredients, every time. Because when your reputation is at stake, you need the very best equipment working beside you.

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The Quiet One®

Easy to clean

The new screw-lock cover is easier to remove and clean, and the larger centering washer allows for simple, one-step cleaning.

Patented noise reduction
Air control and a powerful 3 HP peak power motor reduce noise, improve reliability and minimize downtime.

Optimized programs
Use 6 softkeys with 34 optimized settings for easier and more consistent mixing in different locations.

3 hp engine
The ≈3 horsepower peak power motor quickly crushes ingredients and easily mixes multiple batches of smoothies, frappes and iced drinks.

*Based on internal testing

Touch & Go™ Advance®

Touch & Go Advance offers a powerful motor, convenient preset controls and noise reduction for smaller shops.

Powerful engine
The ≈2.3 HP motor mixes frozen drinks with ease.

Noise abatement
The screw-on and lockable noise-reducing cover has a tool-free design that is easy to remove and clean, helping to maintain a quiet atmosphere for your customers.

Optimized programs
The 6 preset buttons and 20 recipe programs ensure quick and easy results.

Advance® Container
Our 32oz (0.9L) Advance tank makes smooth, pourable mixes.

Drink Machine Advance®

An indispensable tool for maximizing the range of drinks
From smoothies to iced cocktails, the Drink Machine Advance® is an essential tool for creating or expanding your mixed drink selection in any bar, restaurant or cafe.

Optimized programs
The machine's six optimized programs with automatic shutdown allow you to start, walk away and achieve consistent results every time.

Advance Container
The 1.4 liter Advance® tank allows for faster, smoother pouring, which results in time and cost savings as well as a better user experience.

2.3 hp engine
An upgraded engine that resists overheating provides performance and durability for better processing and successive mixes.

Pulse function
The pulse feature provides off-menu flexibility by allowing staff to manually fine-tune recipes.

Drink Machine Two-Speed

Durable and effective mixing

The Drink Machine Two-Speed is a reliable blender for powerful, functional blending. With a manual high/low speed function, the Drink Machine Two-Speed flawlessly prepares delicious iced coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, slushies, shakes and more.

Carefully designed design

  • The ≈2.3 HP motor is designed to resist overheating when mixing thick ingredients

  • The blades create enough torque to crush up to 2 liters of ice cubes in seconds

  • The clear, durable container pulls ingredients into the knives for efficiency and better serving

  • Robust controls provide a better grip